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Nothing better than a bit of trance. :)

today i’m wearing… winter hat

Today I’m going for the winter warm look, this is achieved by wearing my favourite wooley hat, which can be teamed with lots of items to complete a winter look.

I’m also wearing my North Face outdoor goretex jacket, this another versatile piece that can be picked up from many places on the highstreet this season.

To finish the look off I’ve gone for jeans and my signature piece stripey socks. Again to match my surroundings. The last item is more a practical item, gloves, these help keep my delicate hands warm on the coldest winter days.

today i’m wearing… stripey polo.

Today i’m wearing my stripey polo and jeans ensemble, i really like this polo, its quite versatile and can be worn around town, work and casually at the local.

I went for my fancy stripey socks, to match the carpet and my polo top, i find the socks help define my toes and really make me feel happy when removing my shoes after a long day.

Book List

Books to buy.

  • Catch 22
  • Oryx & Crake
  • Dark Market
  • Super Sad True Love Story

i <3 Content Aware Fill

ew of the photos of my bungee jump had some boat masts in the foreground, and I wanted them out. As ive got a copy of CS5 on my laptop I thought i’d give photoshopping the image ago. I thought it wouldnt come out too good tbh, but was just interested at how well it would have coped. It coped very well :D

Below is the original picture.

and now the photoshopped version.

It isnt perfect but for 15 minutes work I didnt think it was bad :)