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Things todo

Twitter/uTorrent integration

  • - Tweet for download status
  • - Add torrent from tweet.
  • Bucket List website

    Update Lottery App for WP7

    SMS Sending

    I’ve just helped my mate finish his anonymous SMS sender, Bonxy SMS. Lets you send texts and change the name of the sender to anyone :). Hopefully have a write up of the technical stuff later.


    Purely for boredom factor at work I created (.info as there was a nice sale on ;)), Its just a basic site that lets you know if its ‘nomday’ today or not.

    GoPro Suction Mount Testing

    I’ve just got hold of the GoPro suction car mount, so I thought I’d give it a bit of a test with my mate. We attached the mount to the side of the car to get a good view of the wheel and the road, I think it turned out quite well.

    We also nearly had a little mishap on our first attempt, but after playing round with the mount some more, we realised we hadn’t attached it properly. You’ll understand more when you watch the video.

    HD Hero Suction Mount Driving Test from James Coverdale on Vimeo.