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Downhill Mountain Biking

Me and @Bonxy decided to go downhill biking at the weekend, I’m rather a novice compared to him, but have been a few times before to Hamsterley Forest, so I knew what to expect. As we hadn’t used the GoPro Hero camera recently, we took it up with us, to try and get a few good shots of us attempting the jumps.

The camera was simply attached to one of the helmets with the supplied sticky pads, which are ridiculously strong might I add.

@Bonxy Modelling the GoPro

Below is the video of me riding the Red Route at Hamsterley.

James – Hamsterley Forest from James Coverdale on Vimeo.

<3 Paintballing

Me and @Bonxy went paintballing again this weekend. He’s got a good write up of the day over at his blog,

Some of the videos from this weekends play;

Alamo Attack from James Coverdale on Vimeo.


Me and my mate took the GoPro camera to paintballing, to see how it performs, and the answer is very well. The camera is mounted to the paintball marker, in the future we plan to attach it to our masks to give a better idea of the gameplay.

Sam Paintballing from James Coverdale on Vimeo.

GoPro Suction Mount Testing

I’ve just got hold of the GoPro suction car mount, so I thought I’d give it a bit of a test with my mate. We attached the mount to the side of the car to get a good view of the wheel and the road, I think it turned out quite well.

We also nearly had a little mishap on our first attempt, but after playing round with the mount some more, we realised we hadn’t attached it properly. You’ll understand more when you watch the video.

HD Hero Suction Mount Driving Test from James Coverdale on Vimeo.

GoPro Hero 960 HD Testing

I’ve just recently purchased a GoPro Hero with my friend, and we’ve been doing a bit of testing with it, we’re hopeful to get out in the water with it some time in the near future. Our first test was strapping the GoPro to the front of a car and getting some good fast paced HD action. Check it out below.


GoPro Hero 960 HD Driving from James Coverdale on Vimeo.