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Sky Broadband Settings

After my Sky router broke, and sky told me I have to pay £35 for a new one, i decided I would try to use an old router I had lying around. Now Sky, unlike other ADSL providers do not allow you to use your own hardware, its even against their ToC’s!

So the first thing you need is your username and password, which Sky hide within the hardware, so head here, and get your username and password.

Now these are the settings I entered on my Safecom router, so your router may vary, but generally the settings will be similar or use different names.

Data Encapsulation: VC-Mux
VPI Number: 0
VCI Number: 38
Schedule type: CBR
WAN type: PPP over ATM
Authentication: CHAP (I didnt have this option, but you may :))

I hope this info helps someone, and bear in mind using your own router/modem with Sky broadband is against their ToC and they CAN detect that your using different hardware and MAY end your service some point in the future.

HP Micro Server

Currently at home I have a small Western Digital External HDD connected to the network, no special features just purely a external drive. I’ve got about 20% space left (its only a 500GB) so I’m after something a little bit bigger. I’ve had my eye on a Drobo or Synology box, these offer alot more in terms of features and options, auto backups, alerts, raided driver, hotswapping of HDD’s and so on.

This week the HP Micro Server caught my eye, especially with the £100 cashback from HP, the little server offers 4 HDD bays and a basic hardware RAID (RAID 0 & RAID 1), with this I could create a nice little NAS box, but I also have the option of installing some virtualization software, namely ESXi. With using ESXi I’ll be able to have a few VM’s set up for different purposes, Server, Torrent box, and of course the NAS ;), might be a little overkill, but who doesn’t enjoy playing with VM’s!

HP Micro Server

A few specs;

1 x AMD Athlon II Neo N36L 1.30 GHz
1 GB Standard/8 GB Maximum RAM
250 GB HDD
Serial ATA/300 RAID Support Controller

I’m hopefully going to get the server next week, so i’ll be able to post up a small review and a few pics :)