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UK Lottery

I’ve just submitted the application for certification of the latest update, trial support has been added. This allows the user to download the application for free to see if the app works as they expect if so they can go ahead and buy it!

The functionality is the same as the paid version but users are limited to 5 tries of the application, after this they are prompted to pay for the full app.


Bulk SMS WP7 App

I’ve just created a simple bulk sms sender app for windows phone 7, it allows you to create a group of contacts (not possible todo without the use of an app) and then send a message to them. Ideal for sending group messages to your friends, colleagues or even to forward your sms jokes.

The application should hopefully be entering the Windows Phone Marketplace soon.

The logo was designed and created by Jon Oakley.

UK Lottery 1.2

The app is now up to version 1.2, the only real updates to the application are support and performance tweaks. All requests come through to this site, this allows me to have a good idea of the volume of traffic, as the Windows app site only gives you stat data from a week ago, so i’m still unsure on the actual number of downloads.

I’ve also just created a free version of the app, which is advertising supported, when this is available i’ll change the old version from free to paid (£0.79p).


WP7 UK Lottery

My app is now in the Windows Phone marketplace :D Only took a few weeks, after some problems with the app submission process, mostly my fault.

Get the app here for FREE! – Zune Link

I’ve also just updated the application, mainly performance tweaks, nothing with the UI. Plans are still to create a free ad supported app with limited features and a cheap £0.79p app with additional features, such as historical results and push updates.

UK Lottery Update

Unfortunately just had an email from Microsoft to say the application failed the certification process. Luckily it was just something trivial, namely an unexpected application exit.

So a quick ‘try & catch’ statement later and its fixed. I’ve also updated the app to ignore ‘Dream Number’ as this game was discontinued a few weeks ago, this adds space for EuroMillions. It was always my intention to add EuroMillions, but i was going to wait till after the application was submitted.

Next updates are to improve the UI and potentially add historical data, rather than just latest draws.

WP7 UK Lottery

I’ve just submitted the first version of my UK Lottery results checker app to the windows phone marketplace. Hopefully the app will be accepted shortly, the app will be available for free. I plan to add advertising to the app in later versions, at the minute it is very basic but provides up to date results for the National Lottery (Lotto, Thunderball, Lotto Plus 5, Daily Play, Euro Millions).