Arduino IR Transmitter

An upcoming project i intend to tackle is creating an Arduino based IR transmitter. My friend has purchased a small in car LED matrix, allowing him to output messages to other drivers, the matrix comes with a complicated remote, with around 80 buttons, its pretty difficult to control while moving in the car.

I was thinking of a simple Arduino based solution, learn the specific codes from the remote control, program them into the ardunio, along with several buttons to control what messages and when, and then send these messages via an infra-red (IR) transmitter to the matrix system.

After looking on the web i came across this nice little library, link. Looks like i could knock this up for less than £40 and will be a nice step into the world of Arduino.


- 38kHz Infrared (IR) Receiver link


- Arduino Board


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    Are you really James?

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