Isle of Skye

Having got back at the beginning of the week from the Isle of Skye, we camped for a week up there, I’ve finally managed to sort through a few of the pictures I took (over 450), so as well as posting a few of them on my flickr account, I thought I’d put a few up in a blog post.

We set off early on the Saturday morning, heading for Fort William, about 1.5/2 hours north of Glasgow, we spent two nights here. The original plan was for me and my dad to climb to the top of Ben Nevis, the highest mountain in Britain, 1344m, but we seriously underestimated the height and the length of the climb, so decided against it. I still want to climb to the top, so will need to go back in the summer one time ( with @Bonxy ;)).

So instead we did a MUCH tamer walk from our campsite up to old fort, Dun Deardail ( 350metres ) which took around 2 hours ish. You got some great views of Glen Nevis and other surrounding hills/mountains.

On monday we packed up and headed for Portree on the Isle of Skye, we camped here for the rest of the week. We managed todo a few good walks while we were here, there was a great coastal walk from the campsite into the town which added on maybe 2 miles or so, but again the scenery was great, and i managed to get a few good pictures during this walk.

Later in the week we headed up to Staffin to have a walk on the beach, turned out there isnt much of a beach here, just a bit of sand, plenty of rocks and a jetty. But the area is famous for all the dinosaur remains that have been found nearby, plus there are some dinosaur footprints on the rocks by the sea, there was a sign with a map pointing out where they were but having a good look for 15 minutes I couldnt spot them :(

On our last day we headed up to see the ‘Old Man of Storr‘ which is basically a big rock spire sticking up out of the ground that is apart of the Storr hills, again we underestimated how steep the climb/walk up would be, so about 30 minutes in my mam and jamie turned back, leaving my dad to press on. The first part of the walk you are surrounded by trees, so you dont get to see anything above or where the path is going, eventually me and my dad emerged from the trees with a great view of the Storr hills and the Old Man.

Old Man of Storr

Unfortunately my dad didnt fancy walking up to the old man, so leaving my dad with my bag and the dog I set off up by myself. After 20 mins of walking the steep path then another scary(fun) scramble/climb I got to the base of the Old Man, and the views were pretty spectacular.

Unfortunately my photo taking skills with my new camera are not much to shout about, so the few pictures I did take of the view, don’t really do it justice. Another thing I realised i need is a bigger lens, well one that’ll let me zoom in more :p I knew I’d want to get one eventually, but there were plenty of photos I wanted to take while i was away where I couldn’t zoom in enough to pick out the detail, still my birthday is only a month or so away :D

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