ROC Osmotherley

I always like a bit of an explore, whether it be Geocaching or finding some caves to climb through. After my friend linked me to a few articles about the old ROC posts (they were built in the 50′s and were used to gather information about a nuclear attack) dotted around the UK, I decided to see if there were any near me. There were a few, some knocked down, some locked down on private land, but there was one at Osmotherley, about 15 mile away, and this one was in fairly good nick, to say it was left in 1968!

So a few google searches later I had the location of the ROC post, but couldnt work out how we’d be able to walk there, so a quick look at a OS map, I saw part of the Cleveland Way went right by it. So armed with some torches, the gps and my camera me and Mike went off on walk. I thought I’d get a few caches while on the way (would be rude not to).

Finally after a 4 mile walk, we went the long way, we were within touching distance of the post, we just had to figure out how to climb up to it, after a few fruitless attempts to wade through the bracken and other foliage we found the right path up to the top, and the ROC was in view!

A quick dash over the field and we were there, the iron lid was just lying on top, not locked down, good news! :) We removed the lid and got a view of the bunker, now we were a bit apprehensive, neither of us wanting to go down first, after a bit of “you go, no you go” I decided I best head down first. The bunker is just 2 rooms, the larger bedroom and a small toilet, i imagine there would of been more equipment down there back in the 60′s, but all that was left apart from the rubbish was the old beds and a massive battery.

When we got out of the bunker we were met by a big thunderstorm, although my picture taking skills doesn’t do it justice :p

More photos can be found in my Flickr set.

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