Windows 8 – Desktop on start up

Update: I thought it’d be easier to just give you the .reg file to download that will quickly update your system, just download and double click the .reg file. You can open it up in notepad and see what the file is going todo, simply changing the Shell key to the new value. :)

I’ve just switched to Windows 8 at work, and its taking some getting used to. One annoying feature is that when you log in the metro ui is shown first rather than the desktop, now since i spend 99% of my time on the desktop, I want to see that first.

After a bit of googling I found a solution, without having to install 3rd party apps. Just a quick registry edit.

Open up RegEdit and head to…

HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\Current Version\Winlogin

Then find the ‘Shell’ key.

By default, it is set to “explorer.exe”.

Change the value to “explorer.exe /select,explorer.exe”

2 Responses to 'Windows 8 – Desktop on start up'

  1. George Cross says:

    Hi there,

    Is there anyway i can reverse this now i have windows 10?

    Every time i turn my pc on it opens my computer.


    • James says:

      I havnt tested it myself, but i’m guessing you can just edit the reg key again and remove the /select,explorer.exe bit and put it back to its default value, “explorer.exe”

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