My names James and I’m from Teesside, UK, and I have a blog. I also have some pictures, some tweets and even some videos.

4 Responses to 'About'

  1. mary says:

    I think your river ouse twitter is terrific. Thank you! Best thing for cyclists, better than other official traffic apps. I was really glad to find it.

    …. but please restore apostrophe, so it’s all’s fine or whatever, not alls fine…

  2. mary says:

    compliments on your app again. Wish, wish, you could get data about what levels cause path on each side of river to flood. Maybe I can find out and tell you? If your tweets could say: river N metres, blue bridge walk likely flooded or whatever, you’d be all the cyclists favourite. Or maybe you can get the data from webcams??

    • James says:

      Hi Mary,

      The only issue with that is the river level is applicable to quite a large area, I agree it would be a nice feature, i would also worry about it being wrong and saying pathways are fine when in fact they are not.

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