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I got Skyrim for Christmas, and I’ve played it pretty much each day since then :p. My total play time is about 65 hours, this averages about 2-2.5 hours a day. I’d say its pretty much the best single player game I’ve played, past favorites included, Halo/Halo 2 and GTA:IV.

I’ve completed the main quests, so now my plan is to unlock all of the achievements, I have around 14 out of the 50 to get, some are quite easy, but the majority are going to be time consuming.

So hopefully in a few weeks I’ll have a full 1000 gamer score for this game. Just in time for the DLC to come out and add some more ;)

Xbox Achievements

As i’m now tracking all of my Xbox achievements, see previous post*, i thought it’d be good to get some sort of viewing page going. So now on the right > you’ll see my last few achievements that I have unlocked. This is simply hardcoded into the sidebar as learning and writing a WordPress plugin was overkill for what I wanted.

Secondly i’ve added a bigger viewing page, click the link in the menu above. You’ll be greeted with a drop down, that lists every game i’ve played on the Xbox. Select a game and every achievement for that game is displayed via some ajax. I need to tweak it a bit as its a bit ugly atm, its breaking the sidebar :/.

Edit. *Realised I haven’t done a blog post on my Xbox Achievement tracking. Better get that done….