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Ice Skating…

… I can not ice skate for toffee. I knew this, as it is one of the many activities that require balance and coordination, something that I am lacking. Ice Skating can be added to the list of thing I’m just not designed todo;

  • Roller Blading
  • Skate Boarding
  • and now Ice Skating

Me trying to ice skate

(Me attempting to Ice Skate (right) while holding onto Mikey for dear life.)

@Bonxy, @RebekahEsme, Mikey and I all went ice skating today, well I tried, it wasn’t too bad, I didn’t fall over and I did manage at least one lap without holding on to someones arm. So maybe, maybe after a few more goes I might start to enjoy it and not be shown up by all the little kids who are 100x better than me (show offs).

Bungee Jumping

Me and @Bonxy just completed our first bungee jump at the weekend, I think it might be the first of many! I cant describe how brilliant it was, well worth the money (£75), I was a bit worried the high costs wouldnt be justified, but it was a great experience.

Theres something a bit odd about climbing 200 foot to then just jump off over the water, the rush is amazing. I was getting a bit worried on the day that I might of bottled it as I stood ready to jump, especially with lots of friends and family eagerly waiting at the bottom watching.

But the people at UKBungee made you feel very comfortable and safe, and before I knew it, we were ready to jump. I wanted to go before @Bonxy, so I was quickly weighed again and strapped up, before waddling out to the edge (your feet are bound together to attach the bungee) overlooking the river Tees. Asecond or two to just get your breath and it was time, “1, 2, 3 BUNGEE….” and off I went.

I wasnt planning to scream shout, but the feeling of jumping off and free falling for a second or two just took over. A few expletives later and I was being lowered into the rescue boat, to be taken a shore to watch @Bonxy make his jump.

All in all a great experience, will be doing it again hopefully in the future. The only downside is the pain in my arm, I think I must have twisted it while being bounced around, hurting like a mother today :).

More pictures of me and @Bonxy’s jump are here.

Pictures were taken by Rebekah Esme.

Text to Voice Calling

This weekend me and @Bonxy spent some time adding some features to the Bonxy SMS site, that I posted about recently. My aim was to add in voice calling as well, so users could write out prank messages or reminders and send them to friends or family. To do this I used, they provide a cloud based SMS/call api, allowing you to make calls, receive calls, conferences and of course send text message.

text to calling

The actual integration was pretty straightforward, use their PHP library’s, set up an application and hey presto you have voice calling and answering. I’m thinking of using the service to create a cheap conference system, all users call into the local rate number, therefore using your own contract minutes.


I’m also hopefully going to transfer the technology to a few other sites, to provider reminders and wake up calls/alarms etc.

SMS Sending

I’ve just helped my mate finish his anonymous SMS sender, Bonxy SMS. Lets you send texts and change the name of the sender to anyone :). Hopefully have a write up of the technical stuff later.

<3 Paintballing

Me and @Bonxy went paintballing again this weekend. He’s got a good write up of the day over at his blog,

Some of the videos from this weekends play;

Alamo Attack from James Coverdale on Vimeo.