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Ice Skating…

… I can not ice skate for toffee. I knew this, as it is one of the many activities that require balance and coordination, something that I am lacking. Ice Skating can be added to the list of thing I’m just not designed todo;

  • Roller Blading
  • Skate Boarding
  • and now Ice Skating

Me trying to ice skate

(Me attempting to Ice Skate (right) while holding onto Mikey for dear life.)

@Bonxy, @RebekahEsme, Mikey and I all went ice skating today, well I tried, it wasn’t too bad, I didn’t fall over and I did manage at least one lap without holding on to someones arm. So maybe, maybe after a few more goes I might start to enjoy it and not be shown up by all the little kids who are 100x better than me (show offs).